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Anping Shiheng Medical Instruments Co., Ltd is a specialized medical equipment company which sells rehabilitation medical equipment. The company has its own factory, which covers an area of more than 12000 square metres, equipped with four professional operation workshops and more than200 experienced technical workers. It is also leading providers of orthopedic supports in the north of China.We are dedicated to developing, producing and selling orthopedic orthoses......

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  • 30 2019-09 Carpal tunnel syndrome
    Carpal tunnel syndrome is a series of symptoms and signs caused by the compression of the median nerve in the wrist. The median nerve innervation area is abnormal and/or numb. Not ···
  • 21 2019-09 Knee ankle foot orthosis
    Knee ankle foot orthosis: also known as thigh orthosis. It consists of a structure from the thigh to the base of the foot to control the orthosis of the knee and ankle joints. It c···
  • 12 2019-09 Function and scope of use of lower limb orthosis
    The lower limb orthosis is an orthosis for the whole or part of the lower limbs. The lower limb orthosis is the earliest and most extensive orthosis. Its basic functions are:1. Mus···