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Function and scope of use of lower limb orthosis

The lower limb orthosis is an orthosis for the whole or part of the lower limbs. The lower limb orthosis is the earliest and most extensive orthosis. Its basic functions are:

1. Musculoskeletal segments that protect against weakness or pain;

2. Fixing the lower limb joints with disease;

3. Prevent the occurrence of deformities;

4. Correcting the deformity that has occurred;

5. Compensating for the function of paralyzed muscles;

6. Partially improve the walking gait of the patient;

7. Reduce the weight bearing load of the patient;

8. Promote the formation of callus at the fracture site and accelerate fracture healing;

9. Prepare treatment before and after surgery and consolidate the effect of surgery;

10. Improve and promote early recovery of functions.


The main indications for lower limb orthoses are

(1) Lower limb orthosis is mainly adapted to various neuromuscular diseases such as sequela sequelae, cerebral palsy, hemiplegia, amputation, muscle spasm and spasm caused by peripheral nerve injury, and secondary knee varus, eversion, knee Reflexive

(2) Lower limb orthosis is also suitable for various bone and joint dysfunction such as limb fracture, congenital hip dislocation, congenital clubfoot, femoral skull and tibial rickets.


Application range of lower limb orthosis

(1) Applicable to lower limb weakness;

(2) Applicable to lower extremity skeletal joint distortion

(3) Applicable to lower limb bones and joints;

(4) Applicable to the deformation of the foot and ankle joint, horseshoe foot, valgus foot, eversion flat foot;

(5) Applicable to peripheral nerve paralysis;

(6) for knee disease

(7) Applicable to hip disorders;

(8) Suitable for lower limb fractures;

(9) Applicable to paraplegia.



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