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Knee ankle foot orthosis

Knee ankle foot orthosis: also known as thigh orthosis. It consists of a structure from the thigh to the base of the foot to control the orthosis of the knee and ankle joints. It can be used to maintain stability, no load, prevent and correct deformation and other therapeutic purposes. There are two kinds of metal strips and plastics, which are divided into fixed, corrective, and non-loading forms.


1 deformation of the foot and ankle - horseshoe foot, varus foot and flat foot.


2 terminal nerve paralysis - sacral nerve palsy, sacral nerve palsy and sciatic nerve palsy.

3 knee disease - lateral instability of the knee, knee extension, low knee flexion and flexion or stretch contracture.


4 hip disorders - congenital dislocation of the hip, hip contracture and hip extension, etc.


5 lower limb fractures - femur, knee fractures and calf bones, foot fractures, etc.

6 bilateral paralysis - paraplegia.

For the knee joint, ankle joint and foot. The fixed range is from the upper thigh to the sole of the foot, which is commonly used as a thigh orthosis. Divided into strips according to structure, ischial weight bearing and plastic ankle foot orthosis.

It is suitable for disabled people with knee joint deformation, muscle strength and instability, such as polio patients.


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