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Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a series of symptoms and signs caused by the compression of the median nerve in the wrist. The median nerve innervation area is abnormal and/or numb. Not only can it cause dysfunction of the activity, but in severe cases, permanent disability can occur.

1. Exogenous compression The superficial transverse ligament of the volar is the main source of exogenous compression. Severe scars or benign tumors can also cause exogenous compression, but it is rare.

2. The lumen becomes smaller. Acromegaly, mucinous edema, scar formation and thickening after trauma, wrist fracture and dislocation make the space of the carpal tunnel narrow.

3. Increased luminal contents, increased volume, ganglion cyst, schwannoma, lipoma, post-traumatic hematoma, bursitis, flexor digitorum, and sacral muscle abdomen, etc. The volume is reduced, and the tissues in the lumen are squeezed and rubbed together to stimulate and compress the median nerve to cause the disease.

4. Occupation: Long-term excessive exertion of professional wrists such as woodworkers and chefs can cause this disease. It can also cause chronic damage to the median nerve. (This disease is more common in middle-aged women, or long-term operation of computers, pianos, abacus, etc.)

Main symptoms: including median nerve innervation (thumb, index finger, middle finger and ring finger side) with paresthesia and/or numbness. The numbness of the fingers at night, especially at night, is often seen in the wake of the fingers. It is often necessary to get out of bed or get a certain degree of relief before the hands can be re-sleeped. This is related to the fact that the wrists are more like a wrist when they fall asleep at night. When a patient engages in certain activities during the day, the wrist may become numb, such as needlework, long-term hand-held telephones, or long-time book reading.


Early, mild symptoms of oral anti-inflammatory painkillers and local injection of corticosteroids; surgical treatment of severe symptoms.

1. Correct bad habits, maintain a good posture, avoid using the mouse or typing for a long time, and strengthen functional exercise.

2. Adjust your mindset and pay attention to work and rest. Avoid repeating an action for a long time, such as needlework, driving, and long-term hand-held calls.

3. Prevent the carpal tunnel syndrome from being triggered by the computer and maintain the correct use of the computer posture. Intermittent period should pay attention to the stretching and relaxation of the operator, repeated 10 seconds per hour or continue to do 10 seconds of fist boxing activities.

4. Limit wrist activity within 2 days after surgery. After 3 days of dressing change, the patient started functional exercise early, such as wrist, hand and finger exercises. Within three weeks after surgery, the brace can be used to fix the wrist joint in the neutral position at night to prevent recurrence and adhesion of the wrist and wrist.

Note: Eat more carbohydrate-rich foods, cereals and fresh vegetables. Green onions, grapes (with seeds), mulberry, black beans and green vegetables, as well as barley, peas, mustard, adzuki beans, millet, corn mustard, tea, etc. are beneficial to the prevention and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Eat cold foods, fried and preserved foods. Irritant substances such as tobacco and alcohol may aggravate the condition.


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