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The correct use of the walking aids

A device that assists the body in supporting weight, maintaining balance, and walking is called a walking aids.


1. The method of correctly holding the walking aid

 Relax shoulder

 Correct placement of the walker

 Grip the armrests on both sides of the rack

 Keep upright posture

2. The correct way to stand up

 Put the rack in front

 Keep your hand on the rack

 The affected side is pressed on the bed

 Hips move forward

 Double knees

 Focus on the front and then stand up

3. Correct sitting method

 Move slowly back until your feet touch the chair

 The affected side sits down on the chair and slowly sits down

4. Walking method

The patient should raise his head as far as possible, and his eyes should look straight ahead. Both hands lift the walker and move forward one step. The two arms extend straight to support the body. First, take the affected limb and take a healthy limb. The pace should not be too big. 


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