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You Need A Waist Support Belt

Do you feel that your back is sore and unbearable at work?

Will you worry about a sprained waist in fitness?

Are you thinking about how to have a perfect waist curve in weight loss?

You don't have to endure torture, don't have to worry, don't have to think hard!

A waist support belt will solve all your troubles.

Wear it, the waist does not hurt, the fitness exercise is more energetic, and the waistline is getting more and more beautiful.


If you have the following troubled friends and family around you, please don't hesitate to recommend them. Sending a belt is to send health, send happiness, and send happiness.

1. Lumbar disc herniation, lumbar hyperplasia, dislocation, lumbar muscle strain, sciatic nerve and other kinds of lumbar spondylosis and rehabilitation after surgery;

2. Long-term engaged in sitting, driving and old lumbar degenerative diseases, pain, soreness and cold;

3. Lumbar and abdominal hypertrophy lumbar vertebrae pain, postpartum lumbar deformity female, lumbar pain group;

4.35 years old to avoid lumbar deformation, dislocation, share the lumbar pressure;

5. People with wind, cold and dampness, backache, soreness, lumbar muscle strain, soft tissue injury, bone hyperplasia, traumatic pain, etc.;

6. Long-distance driver, etc. Work people who maintain the same posture for a long time.


There are a wide variety of lumbar support belts on the market. How do we choose the waist support belt?

When purchasing, pay attention to three points:

1. The comfort of the waist support belt. The waist support belt is worn at the waist, not on the hips. A good waistband immediately has a sense of restraint, and the waist has a feeling of "standing up", and this sense of restraint is comfortable.

2. Have enough hardness. The lumbar support belt with therapeutic effect must have a certain hardness to support the waist and disperse the waist.

3. Pick according to the purpose. Lumbar muscle strain, lumbar pain caused by lumbar degeneration, is not very demanding for protection and treatment. You can choose some elastic and breathable lumbar support belts. This kind of lumbar support belt is relatively comfortable and close to the body.


How to wear the waist support belt?

When using the lumbar support belt, the waist support belt has a concave surface facing outward, and after the cushion is placed on the waist, the nylon buckles at both ends are overlapped and fastened, and then the sub-belt buckle is fastened in front of the abdomen, and the elastic bands on both sides are adjusted to a comfortable position. It can be worn while lying down or standing, and can be removed from sleep when sleeping.



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