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Do you know what is a self-heating protective gear?

Self-heating protective gear is a high-tech product made of tourmaline as the core and combined with nano-biological functional materials. The self-heating protection has the dual effects of thermoelectricity and piezoelectricity, and forms resonance resonance with the human body magnetic field. And through the body's own energy, it can continuously release thermal energy, negative ions, and far infrared to produce deep thermal effects.

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(1) Activate the activity of biological macromolecules, thereby exerting the functions of biological macromolecules to regulate the metabolism and immunity of the body, which is conducive to the recovery and balance of the body functions, and achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment.

(2) Promote and improve local and systemic blood circulation.

(3) Enhance metabolism.

(4) Improve immune function.

(5) It has anti-inflammatory and swelling effects.

(6) The role of analgesia.

(9) Increase the amount of sweat, increase the alpha wave of brain waves, and reduce fatigue.



First wipe the affected area with a warm and damp towel, then fix the protective gear directly to the affected area of the skin. Generally, a feeling of heat can be felt in about 20 minutes. According to the physical condition of each person, the length of the strapping time is determined. If the skin has a burning sensation after use, it is normal. Please take it off temporarily and never damage the skin. The time of fever varies according to age and skin condition. Generally speaking, it takes longer for older people to compare with young adults. This product can be reused, avoiding the use of detergent (powder), can be directly washed with water (washing within 5 minutes), does not affect the efficacy of the product.

Proper use of self-heating protective gear can improve the use of the effect, but it must be noted that some people are not suitable for using Tourmaline self-heating products.


1. High fever, bleeding tendency, temperature sensory disturbance and skin damage in the wearing area are prohibited.

2. Acute soft tissue injury, please use it after 24 hours.

3. Those with a pacemaker installed are disabled, those with an insulin pump are disabled, cancer and critically ill patients are disabled, severe heart disease patients are banned, and active tuberculosis patients are banned. Individuals with allergies should use it under the guidance of a doctor.

4. If the local redness and burning are normal, the phenomenon disappears naturally after the product is removed.

5. It is strictly forbidden to soak in water and wash it gently with water. Do not wash with detergent or bleach.

6. Pregnant women and children should not be used.


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